I painted the bottom of my boat exactly as directed. Put my boat in the water for 1 day.

When I took it out of the water the paint was all stained yellow and would not come off. When the boat dried up, the paint started to flaked and peeled off. Now I'm very discouraged and disappointed, I have to start all over and lost all my time and money. I contacted Nancy to explain what happened.

She said it was the first time it happened in 20 years. I wanted my money back. She started to yell at me.

She always tried to blame me for what happened. She was rude and she hung up on me.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Kelso, Washington, United States #674228

Aquaply M is one of our most popular products, for boat and ship hulls, waterslides and anywhere you need a slippery, waterproof surface. It has been studied for more than 13 years by the University of California at Davis Sea grant program.

The product has been used for 20 years and this is only the second time peeling has occurred. In both cases it is because the applicator added thinner to the product dispite the many warnings on application instructions.

Some people think they know better than the creater and manufacturer. This product, as well as most of our epoxies, is 100% solids, meaning no solvents, not even water.

to Nancy, SSCC Tukwila, Washington, United States #676440

Mr. Jean-Paul Leger from NB Canada, an insurance company VP, contacted us to purchase Aquaply M for application to his boat's hull. He sent us a painted piece of aluminum to match the color by mail.Through all our comunications he refers to Aquaply M as paint, I constantly tried to explain to him it is not paint, it is a coating. There is a world of difference.

We went over application on the phone and in writtings, he was resistant to instruction, a bit of a know it all. When he called to say that the "paint" was peeling I asked him if he had added thinner to the product, he did not answer,I repeatedly asked him, he refused to asnwer. I told him that the only time this product had peeled, in it's 20 years,was when the applicator added thinner. I told him if the product was defective, we would either replace the product or return his money but he would have to send us a piece of the peeled coating to analyze, he refused and instead chose to threaten and intimidate me. No other customers of Aquaply M made of the same raw materials had problems.

Why would anyone put a boat on a trailer if the coating was sticky? Why is he afraid of giving his name? Why not send us a sample to test? Especially an insurance VP.

Aquaply M is not a paint, it is a 100% solids, solvent free, 2 component epoxy coating that is applied more like a varnish or a gelcoat,not a paint. It does take time, care and patience to apply. We are available 7 days a week for questions before and during application.

We do our very best to provide outstanding products at outstanding prices with available contact for assistance but we cannot control what the applicator does. If the product is defective in any way we will replace it or give a refund but we need to test it.



to Nancy, SSCC Houston, Texas, United States #848986

Hello Nancy,

I am interested in applying Aquaply M but after several research I could not find enough details, so I would need more information concerning the product.

Can you tell me:

1) Is it inert? and is it really a 100% solids by volume coating?

2) What is the typical hull roughness in µm or the coefficient of friction after a decent application?

3) I read online that it gets smoother and smoother after each cleaning, but does it wear off or deteriorate with time/cleaning, especially using brushes?

4) Is it corrosion/abrasion/cavitation resistant and what are the mechanical/strength/elasticity properties? Specific gravity?

5) How many coats do we need to apply and what DFT/WFT is required? 6) I read that it works well in 0°C

to Mar B Houston, Texas, United States #848994

Sorry the message has been shortened:

6) I read that it works well in 0°C

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